Big Changes, Big News

Well folks, how a year has changed things. I have big news – I’m finally moving to Chicago! I’ve taken a job with a PR firm in Chicago, Capitalist Agency, did I mention how thrilled I am? OK now that that’s out of the way here are some “lessons.” Because that’s what I’m still here to do;  help the young pro’s hitting the streets to “make good choices” as my uncle would say. Fair warning: These may all sound trite but really in a day and age when you and I, my fellow Millennial’s, are known as the apathetic, self-serving, and entitled little punks sometimes we need a good reality check.

Lesson #1 DO YOUR BEST, every day.
I know I know, it’s the cute little note your mom would write on a bright colored sticky note and put in your Trapper Keeper before you walked out the door on your first day of school. But for real folks, DO.YOUR.BEST.   I have been very dedicated to my internship with SMPR and sure I’ve messed up royally  a few times but I’ve just kept on keeping on. THAT is what earned me a reputation early on. I never said “no I can’t” I said “Ok sure, when do you need it by?”
My reputation proceeded me and the recommendation from my “boss” at SMPR (he hates the word “boss”) gave me a leg up when this position came up I was given the chance to prove myself yet again.

Lesson #2 Never give up.
I’ve searched high and low for over a year now to find a job in Chicago and I finally got one. Sure there were days when I went to grab a beer with my friends and had a bitch session about the job market. You better believe the next evening I was scouring LinkedIn, PRSA’s job board, and tapping every connection I had like a mad woman.

Lesson #3 No one owes you anything.
Following up on the last lesson. You don’t deserve anything but a kick in the pants if you think that someone is going to walk up to you while you’re still in your cap n’ gown and say “Here’s a great paying entry level job with benefits in your dream city, and in your chosen field.” Really Millennial’s we’re not living in a John Hughes movie.

So that’s that folks. Learn from me!


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