The Power of You!

This is a more thoughtful post. As I’ve been in Chicago now for a month and loving my job. I could write a hundred posts on what to do here and there and how to be better. That’s not what I want to do today, I feel it would be trite. Instead I’m going to let you into my weird little head with a thought that I have daily.

The amount of energy and power we human beings have is astounding.

Every day I ride the L to work. It’s roughly a 25 minute commute, walking included. I love every minute of it. Every day I see the regular’s, the shop owners opening stores, the same few folks that get on at my stop etc. While on the train I’m normally listening to a Podcast or music trying to adjust to consciousness. The first thought that I have on that train. A meaningful one, not the “Did I lock the door?” thought, is;

“Look at all the power here, all the energy. What is this train full of people going to achieve today? What will we spend 45 minutes trying to fix in order to accomplish our to-do list? What are people going to be proud of themselves for today? What unexpected issue is going to arise for each of us?”

Then I put out a little “Go get ’em” thought to everyone on the train. Seriously, think about all the work that one train car full of people will accomplish in the day.

Naturally, on my way back I notice the exhausted faces buried in their books or the paper and just want to walk around and congratulate everyone. “Good job kicking butt today.” I want to say. “You look exhausted but I’m sure you put in a hard days work.”

Just remember that the next time you’re surrounded by people, at the store, at the airport, in the elevator. Think about what they could be facing. It’s a pretty miraculous thing that, on the whole, we just ignore each other all day and don’t pay the respect each and every one of us are due.

Now, go use your power and use it well.


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