Your Compass

Say it with me now: "You're fired."

Well friends and neighbors, a lot has happened in the few weeks I’ve been MIA.

When I went into my dashboard I was surprised and amused to find this draft post. I had completely forgotten what I had meant this post to be about. All I had written was the title; “Your Compass.”

This title is shockingly fitting for the topic I’m about to discuss.

It’s been two whole weeks since I was fired, “let go” I believe is the PC term, but toe-may-toe toe-ma-toe. I went into a downward spiral to say the least. Sobbing on the phone to my parents, my boyfriend, my cat, anyone that would listen. I couldn’t believe this, how does this happen? This doesn’t happen to me, this is what happens to the poor people on the news that are part of the 9% of unemployed Americans. NOT ME.

Well folks, I’m here to tell you it happens, and happens to us all.

The great thing about this, when I got the news, I immediately felt a weight lifted off of my back, heart, even my gut. Honestly it felt like someone strapped a Hoover to my head and sucked out all the negative. Because, if we’re going to be frank, I had realized this company and position was not a fit for me. I really liked it at first, don’t get me wrong. I finally got to live my own little “Mad Men” life, complete with Martini glasses my boyfriend bought me as a house warming gift. This was the life.

Then it hit me, a couple months in, what am I producing, creating, bringing to the table? Not just the boardroom table where we where to spit out creative ideas, but to the world. If you remember way back, this blog used to be about women in the media / 21st century life and stereotypes.

WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING?! I had totally lost my baring, my compass wasn’t pointing at “Whitney’s passion” it was pointing directly at “survive.” I was working for a company whose very name I am morally and ethically opposed to, I had sold out. I had done so at the time for just reasons. It sounded too good to be true, it was in a city I had been dying to move to, it was actual experience in MY field. That was the biggest selling point of them all.

In the coming days and weeks with my new found free time I plan on writing more about this. I am so blessed to have “lost” that job. I’m no longer in survival mode of wake up, do work without passion, go to bed, repeat. Now, I’m out hunting for my professional niche. I know what I want to do and create and be, now is the time to find the place where I can do just that.

One lesson I want you guys to pull out of this is, ok well there are two: (HEY GEN Y LISTEN UP!) 

1. Being “let go” is not a bad thing. It’s an opportunity for you to take stock and reposition yourself on your life’s course. Allow yourself to slow the $*#&$ down.

2. You will find your perfect fit for a job BUT it might not look perfect at first. You probably aren’t going to start making mid to high five figures with a corner office, half days on Friday and only work on projects you love. Get over it. What you need to look for; a place where you can keep learning, where over all you’re doing work you enjoy (we all have bad days, deal with it) and you have the opportunity to grow. Maybe in the future you’ll have enough pull to ask for some special assignments you’re passionate about, or you’ll get a chance for a promotion that will come with more of the perks you’re looking for. Just have patience. Okay?


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