You Only Have to Report to You.

I’ve been reconnecting a lot lately. Now that I have the time to take time I’ve made a point of going back to past favorites, ideas and passions. I even visited my college town, I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun that was.

What I’ve realized in the past couple of weeks of unemployment is that I was extremely disconnected from what I truly wanted in life. From day one of my last year of college I was petrified, petrified of not getting a job straight out of college. The economy was in ruins, I was in a small city miles and miles and hours and hours away from “legit” PR firms and NPO’s that I was interested in. And I knew I would be over looked due to my lack of experience.

Then I graduated and terror began to fill me even more. I had to do the most dreaded thing; move home. Looking back on it I was (and am) so lucky. Not even a month out of college I was offered two different internships, and I took both. One of the internships was flexible enough to allow me to work remotely! (Holy trust Batman!) I jumped from those straight to a temp position then on to my most recent gig. So really, I was in desperate need of this down time to focus on what I really want to do in life.

I always knew I wanted to work somewhere that I personally stood behind. Either rep a product that I would want to spend my money on or work in the NPO world where I could support a cause I believed in. But the chaos and fear of being fresh out of school clouded my vision.

So to all you soon-to-be grads and Gen Y in general; don’t be afraid to slow down. Especially if you know you have a bit of money saved up. There’s no pressure on you to start saving for a home or car. If you feel that pressure, step back and take stock of where that is coming from. You will never be at this age and stage of life again. For the most part we are all free, yeah we have student loans, and possibly over bearing parents, but as long as you’re making payments on those loans don’t worry about it. Your parents and other loved ones stand behind you no matter what.

Take your time and be honest with yourself. For all we know this is the only life we have, enjoy it!


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