Use Your Power.

Today, is Election Day!

It’s honestly one of my favorite days of the year, well every 2 / 4 years.

What makes me sad on this day are all the people I know who don’t vote. It’s your right, now it’s also your right not to. But REMEMBER this:

1. Just 100 years ago – if you were a woman – you COULDN’T vote.

Here’s an example of #2. Probably would not have happened in the 50’s. (This is just an example – I’m not trying to sway you one way or another. Just use your right.)

2. In my Grandma’s generation, even though you (women) had the vote; you probably voted the way your husband did.

3. People FOUGHT and DIED for you to be able to vote. Seriously.

4. Our country is FOUNDED on the right for people to express themselves freely. THIS is the ultimate expression, you’re voting to create the country, state, county, township and city you wish to live in.

There’s no excuse to not vote.

BS Excuse: But the line is always so long and I have a bum leg.
ANSWER: Absentee Ballot.

BS Excuse: I don’t have enough information to vote.
ANSWER: Google, Bing, Yahoo, RESEARCH! You did it in elementary school when you had to write that essay on whatever President you picked. You can do the research NOW on the President, State government, proposals etc. that are out there.

BS Excuse: My vote doesn’t count.
ANSWER: *This is me staring at you boring holes in your head with my democracy loving laser eyes.* We’re ALL just one person, it’s when you motivate and go to the polls to express your opinion and desire of where you’d like your country/state/city to go that you join a national voice.

I think I’ve covered the big three. Let me know if I forgot any, I’ll give you an answer for WHATEVER excuse you come up with.

BS Excuse: OH – but I’m not registered.
ANSWER: I will take time off of work to drive your ass down to the DMV or whereever you’d like to register to vote. Then I will buy you lunch, or a stiff drink, whatever you’d rather. Then I expect you to not make up any of the above excuses in 2 years. Deal?

Get out there and take part in your life! Seriously, this is YOUR LIFE. You have the power to effect it at every level. Yes this is one of the highest level ways, and it’s totally worth it.


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