Life and Me


Tradition would have it that I start this post with something like, “I love this time of year,” and it’s true. This year however, it just happens to be two weeks before Christmas and I just happen to be saying “Yeah, guess it’s that time again. Time to throw up some lights and listen to Bing Crosby slightly more than usual.” Nothing’s happening to make me unappreciative of the time, my life is pretty damn perfect right now. (Still waiting for that Unicorn..and the Powerball didn’t go my way but, meh.)

I think this is what you call growing up or global climate destabilization, because there isn’t any snow on the ground and I do love snow.

The other day I popped my favorite version of Scrooge in (1970 Albert Finny version) and it happened, I lit up! It was Christmas, if only for the hour and half that I was watching the movie.

My favorite scene / song in the movie is with the Ghost of Christmas Present. It was my Mom’s favorite one to sing growing up and it has a great message, no really. It’s not the hokey spread peace and cheer / Christmas Shoes (btw I loath the Christmas Shoes song. LOATH) type. The song is about life, loving it and appreciating it (not in the hokey way!) See video below.

The rambling point I’m trying to make here is that I need to set a reminder on my iPhone to play this song once every couple months. It’s just so true, we get stuck at times just going through life. Wake up, shower, put pants on (ugh), work, come home , feed cat, repeat (also happens to be cat’s name.) Then there are those times when you hear a song, see a sight or maybe just hear something profoundly simple on the radio and you wake up for a few minutes. You smile and say, “I like this life. This is a good one.”

It’s one of my goals in life, to have as many of these moments as possible. Eventually I hope to have these moments so often that they’re consecutive, for as long as I’m breathing in and out.

What I’ve learned this year is there’s no prescribed way to go about things. Just because Christmas comes around doesn’t mean I’m going to get that Christmas feeling. Maybe next year something else will spur that feeling in me, maybe it’ll happen in June. Maybe I’ve burnt up all my Christmas spirit for this life time (if you saw how my childhood bedroom decorated at this time of year you would understand how that’s possible. One word, tinsel.) Just because one book or meditation worked for me six months or two weeks ago, doesn’t mean it’s going to now.

Even in writing this I’m feeling myself grow. Now that’s the real achievement this year. I have learned to let myself grow without judging. Maybe at times I was growing “backwards” or in a way I knew wasn’t sustainable, but it was something I was drawn to do, so I did it.

The point is just follow your bliss, your gut, your intuition, yourself. It’ll help you grow and bring you to those moments and things that will have you singing this song at the top of your lungs. (Or in your head if you’re in line at the grocery store…don’t be that person.)


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