Such a dirty word. Well, at least for most people. I’ve recently jumped on the band wagon. I made several resolutions last January and stuck to most of them. Went to LA to visit family and close friends, spoiled myself and went and saw two favorite bands play, did Yoga more often, read books I’d been putting off, meditated more, attempted to do the I Ching every day (not really how it works, but you know us Americans… bastardizing spirituality.) All in all, I’d give myself a C+ / B- on the resolution keeping scale. Coulda done way better, coulda thrown it out the window.


This year I’ve decided what I’m focusing on; writing my life story. 2012 was a year of coming back into my own, rediscovering what I had lost the prior couple of years. Now, I’m on a freaking roll.

I had a client this past year, Pam, she’s wonderful. One of those clients you look forward to meeting with and are excited to watch them succeed and that on a personal level you just click with. (I’m lucky to have multiple clients that fit that bill, but Pam is special.) Pam is a certified personal historian and she’ll write your life story for you, or teach you how to do it. We’ll she’s started a business called Pam’s Pocketbooks, to teach folks how to write their story that, on the fly.

I’m excited to start the process, it feels like I’m starting a new chapter in my life and I can’t think of a better way to honor the past then to write it down, honor it and move forward.

I’m having lunch with Pam just after the new year and am so very lucky to have her near by so I can pick her brain.

I have absolutely no idea what angle I’ll take on writing my story and I know it’s going to be challenging to get in the habit but also to face a lot of past experiences again.

There’s a chance I might use this blog as the outlet for my writing, so stay tuned. If this isn’t the exact outlet I’m sure I’ll be posting about the experience as I go along.

So here’s to wrapping up 2012, what a great year it’s been, and then on to 2013 where the world awaits.



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