Advertising, Stereotypes and Pet Peeves.

OK, so I know when this started happening (well before I was born and formed opinions) but it baffles me that it still is happening. At the same time it doesn’t, the curse of always being able to see both sides of the coin I guess.

Why is it that children are raised, if they’re male,  to be interested in things, activities, problems, science, sports, solutions, math, art, writing, whatever and it sticks, generally. Where as with girls somewhere along the way, I’m going to say between 9 and 12 years old, we loose any sort of drive for whatever we may have been interested in and totally readjust our focus on – men. Then generally stay with that same drive until we’re about 30, if we don’t “lock one down.”

This was all brought on by a day of running errands and being hyper sensitive to advertising (because it’s my chosen profession) and realizing how many campaigns are playing into this currently. There’s a toothpaste commercial on TV right now where a girl is smiling at a guy and it fades into what she’s thinking. She’s thinking about this dreamy guy, frolicking on the beach and in Paris with him. Then getting married and having kids with him. One of the last lines is “but first you’ve gotta get him to say hello.”

So this Broad woke up today and said, “I’m gonna brush my teeth extra hard because maybe I’ll be at the Starbucks on 6th and He’ll walk in and the rest will be history.”

Meanwhile he woke up and…I dunno checked his fantasy whatever league, worked for a bit, went to the gym and then hung out with some friends. Not giving more thought to brushing his teeth then, “I better do it so I don’t have nasty breath and my teeth don’t fall out.” (I realize I’m generalizing but that’s what started this mess.)

I’m sure there’s some scientific evidence out there that on some level women have to be the ones who are more into “coupling up” because that’s not where men’s heads are and somehow the species needs to continue on. Whatever, I get it. But why on earth in 2013 can’t we get the hell over this antiquated idea that women are supposed to be sweet and well kempt and always ready to meet the one, while men get to go pursue their interests?

Why is it that we’re still choosing to perpetuate this stereotype? Really today, if I wanted to, I could go have a kid on my own. I have a support network, I have a decent job and if I felt so inclined I could adopt or go to a sperm bank. So why are we still holding on to these old fairy tales?

Isn’t it exhausting ladies? This is what puts us in those foul moods sitting in our PJ’s on the couch watching reruns. If we had a f*cking hobby or figured out what we wanted to do with our lives and I don’t know, got up and did it, we’d be a lot happier for a lot longer than having a few good dates with a guy that turn south after two months. And get this, contrary to 90% of advertising towards women out there currently, you don’t have to be dependent on anyone.

This really is just a good old fashioned Live Journal-esq rant, but I hope that it motivates a few of you, or opens someone’s eyes. Those fairy tales and rom-com’s don’t really exist. You won’t be any happier after meeting “the one” if you’re constantly dependent on him to make you happy. So go blow your own damn mind, enjoy yourself and most of all find what makes you happy and motivated and psyched about life and do it. The rest will just happen, and as cliched as that line is, it’s 100% true.

PS. In case you’re wondering what ad it is: 

PSS. Crest, I’m not buying your toothpaste again for a while.


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