Imbalance or What?

Another flash back to what I used to blog about on here. A while back, I was sent this article on the 7 Ways Women and Girls are Stereotyped, Sexualized, and Underrepresented on Screen. Obviously this isn’t really a surprise, but it’s interesting how to the untrained eye you don’t really pick up on this until you’re fed statistics like these. What I struggle with is, what do you do? Boycott TV – that’s not going to do anything. Maybe write a letter to NBC, wait I mean GE, wait no, Comcast? Yeah, I’m sure they’re very response to emails telling them that some of their highest rated shows aren’t sensitive to the demographics of characters and casting compared to reality. 

While these stats are interesting, and at times depressing, I try to think of it from an elevated perspective. Look at women in TV in the ’50’s. What were they primarily? Housewives. Then it took a show like I Love Lucy to “shock” and also “win over” the audience into seeing that women can be funny, but still housewives. Then Mary Tyler Moore helped us go a step further (Wait women can be smart and hold down a job?!) and on and on it goes. At least in this day and age there are articles out there and it’s being discussed in the open. Maybe not as open as we want it but at least it’s happening.

Change happens, but it takes time. I’m willing to bet that by the time I’m my parents age the younger generation will be saying. “Wait, so you had a TV show about a group of Friends living in NYC and there were NO African American, Hispanic, Asian or Middle Eastern characters?!”

What do you think? Should this be a bigger issue or will it self-correct over time?


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