I mentioned just before the new year that my “resolution” this year is to write my life story. Not from birth ’til now type of life story, but I’m going to pick a story line from my life and write about it. I was inspired by someone I met last year and it just seems right. Like the last bit of therapy or another way to look back and pull more wisdom from what I’ve gone through.

Now, I’m slacking, I haven’t started writing yet but I am mapping things out. Today I got really motivated when I found that one of my favorite bands released an album last fall that is a story from start to finish, 13 songs. They even wrote a book and created a short film to go along with it. It’s absolutely beautiful, the way they tied in music, prose and video in to this hybrid. You can choose one path to experience and get the whole story but when you put them together it’s amplified in such a cool way.

Somehow, I like to think it’s the Universe or God or what have you, I stumble across a new album of theirs right when I need it.

So I’m now off to write my story but I’ll leave you with the single off A Fine Frenzy’s album that inspired me to get my butt in gear.


And here is the video, the whole story, go get the album now!


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