What Two Years Teaches You

I’ve been working for the same agency for two years now, well a couple weeks shy of two years, the 23rd is my “work-iversary.” In that time I’ve been very lucky to have a great mentor and team to work with. I also did at least one or two things right, I was promoted twice in the last year.

At one point I was lagging a bit and had become more disenchanted with what I was doing, not because of anything in particular it was kind of like cabin fever for work. Luckily during this period I had one of my reviews with the management team and it snapped me right out of that funk. The lesson I learned there is that you’re never done, and it’s a good thing. I had stopped setting goals and was wondering why I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet? I had worked my butt off and done everything necessary, but I wasn’t showing up in the same way.

That was definitely a huge growth period for me. I learned that it wasn’t over, it was time to set new goals. That was the scary part. It was great that I’d learned what I had and reached the goals that I originally set but when you reach those goals and don’t set new ones you end up stagnating and in my case not living as fully as I had wanted. After that I was fired up again, new goal – get to the next level, take more leadership roles, learn what that means. Take ownership for what I was in charge of and what I was creating, and now work on mentoring myself, preparing to be a mentor and being a leader.

2014 is looking pretty darn good. I’ve learned an awful lot and the biggest thing is showing up. Ask questions, show up and for crying out loud use your brain. There’s always a different way you could be looking at something, always something new to learn and it won’t happen unless you show up and ask for the opportunities. Life only hands you so much then you need to make something of it.

Cheers to 2014, and hopefully more posts! 🙂


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