The Sun Also Rises – January’s Book

I’ve decided to challenge myself this year and read one book a month. Doesn’t sound like much but I have a tendency of very slowly getting through books. I think I read two cover to cover last year. Sad, I know.

So instead of vowing to loose weight or eat better this year my “resolution” is to read at least one book a month. One month in and I’ve met my goal so far! (YAAY!) Then once I read, I’m going to make you fine people suffer through my thoughts on the book. This serves two purposes, firstly I’ll read more and secondly I will keep this blog up.

In January I read The Sun Also Rises  by Ernest Hemingway. I’d never read it before and have always been interested in him.

Well, I really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say top five for favorite books but I really liked it. What got me into it first off was that I had the version of Hemingway from Woody Allen’s movie Midnight In Paris in my head, see this clip from the movie for some insight. So having Corey Stoll’s version of Hemingway in my head made it very entertaining. I also really enjoyed how frank he was about life and the people you encounter. All along he’s in love with this woman, and flies from friend to care giver to lover and back with her all while watching her flit from man to man and place to place like there’s nothing to it. That leads me to one of the things I didn’t like about it, it had my least favorite character in all of early 20th century fiction in it. The spunky, smart and vivacious damsel in distress. This woman is some power house, and you can tell in how he writes her, but she does absolutely nothing to save herself, which erks me to no end. Then again, I loved the ending. In one fantastic sentence he sums up how their relationship will ever be there but never be all that it can be. He’s the master of concise and beautiful sentences.

Over all it was a great read and I loved getting sucked into that time period in France and Spain. I could read his description of street life and of Paris over and over and over.

So, 3.5 stars from this girl, not that my rating system means a whole lot. Stay tuned for next month! I’m going to bounce all over from fiction to non-fiction to self improvement and who knows where else.


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