Food Rules – February’s Book

Welp, I finished this book about 3 weeks ago but naturally was too distracted by life to sit down and write this.

This book is wonderful, I think everyone should have it in their kitchen, or purse, or car. So you can flip through it quickly before you make decisions about food. Most of the facts / rules I already knew. I  became very food aware in college and was a vegetarian for a while so the mantra of “eat food, not a lot and mostly vegetables” wasn’t foreign to me. It was a great reminder. It’s so easy when you start working and getting into the daily grind, then add on volunteering and other extracurriculars, to just be lazy and take short cuts but it’s not worth it in the long run.

If you’re one of those people that cannot stand everyone talking about their gluten free diet, or how they flavor their kale chips or how many pounds of chia seeds they’ve consumed this month, have no fear. This book is just an honest depiction of what’s in food we eat and how we could be avoiding eating the junk and replace it with other tasty things.

THIS IS NOT A PREACHY BOOK, so go pick it up. The chapters are short and there’s maybe two paragraphs on a page so there’s pretty much no excuse to not read it.

Now I’m all fired up for summer to join a CSA again and be at the farmers market picking out fresh fruits and veggies and enjoying gardening in my back yard. That is if this polar vortex that’s had Michigan in it’s grasp for the past two months will ever loosen it’s grip…


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