Ad Review #1 – An Open Letter to Sprint

Let’s add a new topic that I’ll kinda sorta sometimes remember to blog about on a regular basis.

Ad reviews! So many ads, so little time. Here’s the gameplan, when I  get fired up enough/remember/am hanging out with Bob the cat on the couch with nothing left to knit or watch on Netflix I’ll get motivated and write a review about an ad I love or loath…here’s the first one.


Ad review #1 – LOATH

The new Sprint ad for the iPhone 6


Ok you’ve watched it…WHAT THE HELL?! I don’t know if I’m more upset with Judy Greer for being in the ad (you have Archer..why do you need to do cell phone ads?!), at Sprint for ok’ing this Beaver-Cleaver era anti-feminist ad or at Sprint’s ad company for coming up with it…is Don Draper still in that office? (looks like they’re shopping around, or were…)

I guess I’m probably most disappointed with Judy Greer…because I she’s great, and Archer (need I say more.)

Professionally speaking though, it would have to be their agency of record.

Really? Is this all that women are? I knew more men that were excited about the iPhone 6 then women. And even if we are psyched about it we’re not THAT excited about it. Who is excited to drop $300 on a new piece of technology that’s only cool for 9 months to a year? I think what’s really terrible about this ad isn’t just the women gossiping / psyched about a new thing it’s the even more disgusting stereotype of women shrieking so loud they break glass. We get excited, but not that excited. And in general the TV is yelling at us enough as it is, do we HAVE to have an ad that literally screams? Yes you need to distill down the message in a 30 second chunk, but you can do that without demeaning a demographic.

Hell it’s a good enough deal I would have used a hip san serif font, on a stark background – made it as Apple-esq as possible here (because really Sprint, that’s what you’re doing, you are not hooking people on your awesome network. You’re getting people to switch providers by offering them an iPhone for cheap and covering the cost of breaking their current contract. So just have that message dumped onto the screen one over sized san serif word or phrase at a time then float in the Apple logo and a shiny new iPhone and BAM. (Ok the creatives at my office might hate me for over simplifying it like that …they could make it look great though without using dated stereotypes.) When the offer is that great, why mess with it by adding in the layer of a party, and a group of women and small talk and SCREAMING?

OMG better idea have Greer’s character on Archer just walk onto the white background and stare at you and state the awesome deal you have going on. Cue ocelot in back ground, Archer screaming about something and boom. You’re set AND you’ve just appealed yourself to another audience that I can guarantee you hates this ad – fans of FX and Archer.

Holler the next time you’re brainstorming a kick ass deal Sprint, and I’d be happy to chat with you and bring the humble little marketing firm I work for into the mix if you’d like.








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