Now is the Start

A few years ago, while on the mend from a very difficult break up and trying to figure out where I fit professionally, having lost my job in the big city; I had a song come to me that motivated me to get going. Enjoy…then keep reading.

Now, in this present moment, I get to start something new yet again. Starting anything is my favorite thing about life. So I was excited to share it with you…whoever you are…that reads this. (Hello! By the way, I’m glad you’re here.)

I’m starting a new project. I’m going to write something…right now it may be a book type thing, but really what I’m doing is just setting aside some time, hopefully quite consistently, to write and we’ll see what comes out.

So consider this a heads up…this blog may be taking a turn or two, and I’m excited to see where it heads.

Stay tuned, I hope you enjoy and feel free to share some of these ramblings! Ideally I’d like to start rambling at a big ole group of people. I love the idea of connecting with folks, sharing thoughts, ideas, advice. So, share away… and feel free to prompt me with questions/ideas etc. Do so by emailing me — beingoppen (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hope to hear from you!


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