Opening Song

tumblr_ntii46r34r1rhxvsao1_500One of my dream jobs (aside from storm chaser) is Music Supervisor. Growing up the advent of Napster and Limewire and all that good stuff I really really enjoyed putting together soundtrack CDs for myself and friends. For everything from a Friday night out to driving up north to a shitty break up (because lets get real that’s why the mixed tape/cd was invented).

Then my first iPod changed my whole flipping life, all my songs in ONE place and I could combine them any way I wanted and make the slightest change here and there. HELL YES! Instead of going out to the parties in high school I was at home DJ’ing the one I wished I was at..including entrance songs. Ya know, the one that comes on mid-chorus as the hero walks through the front door of the party? Yeah…damn that’s fun.

Through the years I’ve kept a list of sorts of these songs, sadly it was lost with the crash of my last iPod back in college. *Moment of silence for the playlists lost* Especially the one that I had made with an Elizabethtown level detail, synched for an entire 3 day drive out to Wyoming — that was my master piece — lost forever to the Apple gods. (If you aren’t crazy Cameron Crowe movie fan like me, this is what I’m talking about – I apologize in advance that this is the only video I could find that covers it.)

But in the interest of making this blog a bit more interactive let’s play the “what’s your opening song” game. “Opening song” meaning what’s the song that plays at the opening of the movie about you? …I know this is a HUGE ask, it sets the tone for the whole movie. Which means you need to know what your movie’s about. Do note that the opening song isn’t necessarily THE song that defines the movie. Because, if you must know, that song…well it’s Obvious Child by Paul Simon. It’s my all time favorite song ever and it’s perfect and I love it.

OK back to Opening Songs. Here’s mine…

Here’s why:

  1. It has the perfect first 20 seconds, it slowly ramps up (i.e. fade in), the tempo is perfectly poppy and upbeat. So you think, “yeah this is gonna be fun.”
  2. The lyrics…you know you’re getting set up for something “He said I’ll protect you like you are the crown jewels yeah.” “Hey Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken / cuz I can’t see further than my own nose at this moment.” Holy what?
  3. You can fade this baby in and out instrumentally throughout the movie

The lyrics set this up perfectly. Obviously, at least to those who know me, a movie about my life would be about relationships, duh. First you think “Oh wow this is gonna be a poppy little adventure.” Then you hear the first lyric and you’re like “OK so new relationship? Things are good, hmm ok kinda boring.” Then you hear the chorus for the first time (quite quickly) and you’re like “Oh shit, this girl’s kinda messed up maybe? Hmmm…welp this may be interesting, hopefully it doesn’t end really tritely.” BOOM there you have it; my opening song.

I’m sure it’ll change over time but this has held in the top 5 or so for a while now.

Honorable mention of other songs, because I just gotta get some of these out there:

  • Ways to Go by Group Love – For that transition after the main character has a victory, also honestly could be a great ending song for one of those movies that pisses people off because it ends in a moment that seems like the middle. (I love those endings btw.)
  • Hawk Fly Tiger Run by Ofelia K – The “this couple is so cute, this is going some where…yay” celebration scene. Because-thank-god-these-two-basically-one-dimensional-characters-found-each-other-song… but for real, it’s so cute.
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams –  Same category as above…(the “er mah gawd” they’re totally falling for each other/gonna do it scene.) Because it’s one of the best songs ever..of all time…ever. Honestly, also well used in Elizabethtown. 
  • Lose Some Time by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – OK different movie, but damn it’s good…definitely to be used in the scenes surrounding an affair, most likely at the end when they realize it needs to end. GAH twist the knife…
  • Free My Mind by Katie Herzig – The montage-y part of the movie where the main character is working through some shit. Or just worked through some shit and is now on the new and improved path forward… you go girl.


OK that was fun…so what’s a song in your movie? Let me know in the comments!



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