Marked by Moons and Horses

The passage of time can be documented by so many different things.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, birthdays, holidays.

They all seem to flow by so quickly
They all seem to blur together

There are moments in life though that give you pause. When you have a natural break, a natural breath. Where you can step back and see all that’s happened in such a short period of time, all that’s happened in the short spaces between reoccurring events in life.

Like Sundays spent with horses.
How many rides ago was it, that I went out and finalized my decision to leave, to upturn my entire life? 26 rides ago…less even as some weekly rides have been missed.

How many Sunday rides ago was I nervously checking my phone for a message from someone new?

How many Sunday rides since has that same thing happened but for a new someone new?

Like Moons, the way our ancestors tracked time.

It was only one moon ago that I was entangled in something else, with someone else, wanting it to be something it couldn’t be.

It was three moons ago that I said “not now, not until the April moon has come and gone. I will rest now, and recharge.”

This current moon finds me hopeful for something else, something new.

Where will I be in one more moon?
Where will I be in one more Sunday spent with horses?

Knowing how much has changed and how quickly, it’s comforting to realize…I have no idea.


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