An Exercise in Song Love

By this time it’s no secret, I love music. Listening to it, playing it, singing along unabashedly in my car (every time I’m in my car…even at stop lights). I typically come to love a song because of the lyrics, granted there are exceptions where the melody or tune gets me first but typically it’s lyric based.

Several years ago, when I was living in Wyoming, feeling untethered and yearning for the lakes and Michigan and dreaming of Chicago I found this song. At the time I loved it because it talked about Michigan and maps…arguably in my top 20 favorite things.

It recently resurfaced and I found myself feeling nostalgic for the place that I was when I first heard this song, mostly because of a new line in the song I discovered. “Think of every town you’ve lived in / every room, you lay your head / and what is it that you remember?” Damn, right to the heart. It put me on this trip, back through all the places I’ve called home since leaving my childhood home. Here’s a link to the song and the lyrics, so you can enjoy it.

What’s below is my homage to this song, my reminiscing of every place I’ve laid my head and called home.

The first and second

Terrible loft
Strange smells
Foreign neighbors
TV perpetually on
Boy too scared to make a move
Short stint

New found friend
Nalgene’s with Popov and crystal light
Terrible futon
Terrible decisions
Late night dance parties
Sideways belts

The third

My independence
My first heartbreak
My second heartbreak
A tiny porch through an open window
A round cat
Makes it home

The Fourth

Home away from home
Privilege to call it home
The sweetest smell of sage
The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets
The start of a third love

The Fifth

Shag carpet
One room
Moving for a man
The easiest job

The Sixth

With him
Across the Cowtown
Duplex with cracked walls
Filled with his belongings
Trying to stake a claim
I was only a guest

The Seventh

Biggest leap of faith
The sound of the El
Fireplace and wood floors
Feigning confidence in a new world
The death of the third love, under my nose
Playing make believe in my city

The Eighth

The official apartment
Large with sagging floors
Space enough for me and my round friend
Staking my claim

The Ninth

A deliberate choice
Our first choice together
Charm and character
Eau de Skunk
Learning each other
Falling into habits

The Tenth

Supporting through the pain
Fallen garages
Was it a sign?

The Eleventh

The embodiment of everything
My crystal heel, perfect fit


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