Chase Something

The other day while scrolling through Facebook, which I admit I spend way too much time doing, I came across Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech from the Oscars a couple years ago.

OK I know, you’re thinking “Where the hell is this blog post going? This is not like her.” Bear with me. So, I click on the speech because it was posted by one of those self-help type pages and shared by someone who generally doesn’t post often and the title was “three things you need in life.” I had to click, what the hell was he going to sum up in the time allowed for an Oscars acceptance speech that is this life changing? THREE Things you need in life.

Well he did it and damn it hit me in the best place. Listen to the whole speech, he gets rolling about the three things around the 1:55 mark. I’ll meet ya down below the video…

…good, right?! I thought so too.

The part that hit me was the last thing, the thing to chase. Now typically I don’t consider myself a very “chasey” person. I’ve become more competitive as I’ve gotten older but if someone were to line me up with a few other people and say you’re going to race from here to there or you have 10 minutes to solve this problem or build a thing or I don’t know some kind of “race” I would more than likely feel the urge to bow out. Or I’d start and think “Well at least I’ll try to finish it but I won’t try to be first because I probably can’t be.”

His way of being though, of chasing your future self, of having that future version of yourself be your hero…that I find fascinating as a person that’s always looking to grow. Especially considering several times in my life I’ve had the feeling of “I’m here now! I did it!” Then within hours or days or months I no longer felt as if I had attained whatever that “here” was. Because my goal had already moved on.

So as I ready to fly half way across the world I’m going to start looking forward to Whitney at 40…damn. That’s a scary one, I’ve always wanted to be where I am right now, great job that I’m doing well at, great friends, great travel under my belt with plenty to come, able to spend time with family, have had and lost love a few times (see post on love for more on that). Basically, in a lot of ways I’ve “done it.” So what’s next?

The idea of chasing after Whitney in another ten years is as thrilling as it is terrifying. I wonder where she’ll lead me?


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