I always loved mornings, I’m a morning person
The possibility that lies ahead
Laying there refreshed open to the first thoughts that come into your mind
Open to the day

Waking up alone on Saturday morning is my bliss
First the birds come into my consciousness, chatting away with one another
Then the breeze kisses my cheek, good morning it says
I rise and meditate letting my thoughts go, letting my heart expand
I stretch and prepare for my walk

Straw bag in hand, earbuds in place, playlist queued up
I start my morning walk
Down a cobblestone alley I discovered just the other day
It’s my favorite way to get up the hill, drawing memories from the Emerald Isle

The mile walk to the market
Passing quiet homes, families with babies, dogs and their owners
Observing the flowers as they bloom and die away in gardens
Breathing in the sweet summer air
Taking in the beauty of the old homes in my neighborhood
They transition into businesses and bungalows
Walking through the decades of this little city’s history

Once at the market I queue up for cash with the rest of my generation
Small smiles and head nods abound as we all meander past and through one another
Humanity milling about between two rows of colorful fruits, flowers and vegetables

“That’ll be five dollars and fifty cents.”
“Thank you, have a great day.”
“Would you like to try some sweet corn?”
All these beautiful little phrases, communicating the simplest parts of life
Trading things we have for things we want, wishing a person well
Tasting the food the earth is more than happy to provide us year after year

My last purchase is always flowers
A beautiful little mixed bouquet of whatever chose to bloom that week
Why is it that I never bought flowers before?
Why was it I always thought I had to have them given to me
I can give myself these gifts

On the way home I pick up a coffee
Shouldering my haul of fresh food and flowers
Back at home I organize and wash
Flowers go into a vase
Coffee, fresh fruit, a book and writing materials join me on the porch
I sit, thankful and heartfull
So glad I learned that I can take these moments for myself

Which is why I give myself Saturday mornings now
Good morning, my favorite day


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