Whit’s Bucket List

We all have those reoccurring day dreams that eventually are put on a scrap piece of paper in the back of a journal. I’ve taken that piece of paper and transposed it into my bucket list.

Skydive (not originally on list, but I did it…so I figured I’d put it up here. 🙂 )
– Send my future kids (or friends kids) to TVRC (hopefully they’ll love it as much as I did.)
– Get box seats to the Kentucky Derby
– Visit all 50 states — Only 15 to go 🙂
– Take a cooking class
– Go on a cruise to Alaska
– Ride a camel (not in a zoo/park)
– Travel to: Morocco, Egypt, East Africa (again), The Czech Republic, Mongolia ….and many more!
– Become fluent in French
– Go horseback riding on the beach in Ireland
– Host an Oppie Family Christmas (at the Oppie family house)
Live in Chicago  CHECK!
– Go to “Pony Penning Day” on Chincoteague Island, maybe even adopt a wild pony!
– Spend summers at my childhood home in Michigan with my own family
– Own a horse again
– Have my own company, where I help people, connect with people share myself and hopefully get them where they want and need to be (I have 0% idea how this will manifest…but I’m pretty excited about it.)


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