For The Friend Fry

Always waking me up, you are
Showing me that crazy is a good thing
Reminding me that life is in the gray messy bits

Asking the questions I don’t want to ask myself
For fear of what the answers could be
Why did I end things with that one?
Will the other come for a visit?

Fear and I don’t know are the answers

Thank you for waking me up again
How did I let myself be controlled by that fear?
It snuck right in, like a familiar ghost

There you are
Looking down from your ever so slightly higher vantage point
Shining a light on it, in the kindest way

I’m glad you’re here
I’m glad we found a way to stick in each other’s lives
You’re a pal
Thanks for showing me that crazy is a part of life
That crazy can be a great part of life


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